On-site visits by Cuban military representatives to our project site

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 On March 31, 2019, when the sun was shining, General RUBEN, the representative of the Cuban military, brought technical personnel to our project site for a field visit.


High-quality products and services, strong company qualifications and reputation, good customer reputation and so on are the important reasons for attracting this customer visit.


On behalf of Luheng, the marketing staff of the company warmly welcomed the customers and warmly welcomed them. Accompanied by market personnel, customers visited and inspected the leather wastewater treatment project in Shandong Province. Luheng technicians explained and introduced the project in detail. The chromium-containing heavy metal wastewater and sulphur-containing wastewater were separately collected and classified, and the resources were effectively utilized, at the same time, the environmental pollution load was reduced, which was highly recognized by customers. The overall effluent effect was also praised by customers. ! All kinds of questions put forward by customers are carefully answered by technicians. They are impressed by their rich professional knowledge and competence.


After the visit, the customers had a deeper understanding of Lvheng. During the subsequent conversation, the two sides reached further consensus on several cooperation intentions.


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