Beijing Luheng Science and Technology Helps Wuhan World Military Games

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Project background

2019year10moonth18day,China will host a succession in Wuhanin 2008After the Beijing Olympic Games, the largest international sports event - the World Military Games, China once again welcomes the eyes of the world as the host! The four-year Military Games is a large-scale comprehensive military games with the highest specifications sponsored by the International Military Sports Council. It is known as the "Olympic Games for Global Military Personnel".

Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone undertakes an important task in the construction of some venues and competitions. As an important part of the guarantee project of the military games, the comprehensive renovation project of Guanggu Avenue Drainage Corridor, a key project of improving the quality of the water body of the military games in Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone, has been highly valued by leaders at all levels.

Drainage Corridor of Guanggu Avenue 520 metre,River width 35-40 River width,Catchment area 17.7 Square kilometre。As the upstream catchment of Guanggu Avenue drainage corridor has many phenomena of mixed flow, staggered connection and leakage, and the serious pollution of initial rainwater, all kinds of sewage eventually sinks into Guanggu Avenue drainage corridor, which leads to the black and odor of water body, and has become one of the important pollution sources of Lake Townsend.

As a key link of water quality improvement, the drainage corridor of Guanggu Avenue needs integrated equipment for sewage treatment. The goal is to eliminate black odor and reach the first levelAWater Quality.

The project site is located on the northeast side of the intersection of Guanggu Avenue and Binhu Road in Donghu High-tech Zone (Metro)2The north side of Xiuhu Station on Line No. 1 is constructed in two phases, and the water quantity is treated in each phase20000m3/God. In order to meet the time limit and water quality requirements, it is divided into two parts: physical and chemical and biochemical. Physical and chemical requirements eliminate black odor, and biochemical requirements reach the first level.AWater quality.

Project overview

The general contractor of the project is Zhongshan Metallurgical Construction Industry Group Co., Ltd. and the total lead unit of equipment supply is Beijing Qingyuan Huajian Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. The physical and chemical equipment of the first phase of the project adopts the integrated non-power hydraulic circulating purification device (high efficiency sewage purification station) of Beijing Lvheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and the treatment scale is as follows:20000m3/d。The scope of the project is from the water intake structure of the sewage treatment system to one metre from the outlet of the efficient sewage purification facility, including20000m3/dSewage physicochemical treatment system includes basic design, supply, equipment transportation, installation and debugging, personnel training, design liaison, quality assurance, performance assurance and after-sales service of water intake device, sewage purification device, sludge dewatering and other related system equipment.

Construction of the physical and chemical part of Phase I Project2019yearFebruaryBeginning in early , with the efforts of Lvheng Science and Technology and the full cooperation of various units,于2019year228day,Successfully dredged water, successfully completed the tasks assigned by the superior leadership, while providing strong support for the construction of subsequent physical and chemical projects, which has been recognized by all parties, and the second phase of the project has entered the preparatory stage.

After the completion of this project, a large number of pollutants entering the drainage corridor of Guanggu Avenue can be reduced, water quality can be significantly improved, and good ecological environment support can be provided for the successful convening of the Military Games.


Process introduction

The treatment process is mainly enhanced coagulation and precipitation at the first stage.+Biological aerated filter technology.

The project is divided into two phases. The first phase covers an area of physical and chemical systems.1000m2,Reserve land for Phase II Project750 m2

The treatment object of this project is wastewater from sewage outlet of branch canal. A water retaining sluice is set at the front of the wastewater entering the river. The water intake pump is placed before the water retaining sluice. After the water intake pump is lifted to the treatment equipment, the coagulant and flocculant are added to the equipment to mix, react, flocculate and complete the sedimentation process, which can realize the sewage in the sewage.SSTPCODRapid removal of heavy metals and other pollutants.The effluent after physicochemical treatment is further treated by biochemical section, and the effluent reaches the standard and discharges into the lower reaches of the river. The sludge produced during the treatment process is dewatered by a dewatering machine and then the dewatered sludge is transported for disposal.



On April 3, 2019, Wang Xiangwang, Standing Committee of Wuhan Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of Donghu New Technology Development Zone, came to the project site to fully affirm the technology of Lvheng Science and Technology. The drainage corridor of Guanggu Avenue has been improved qualitatively by means of intercepting pollution sources, improving water quality, ecological water supply and efficient emergency treatment.




Wang Xiangwang, Secretary of the Party CommitteeWater QualityHandling situation

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