Talent strategy is the first strategy for the development of Luheng, and talent is the first resource of Luheng

People-oriented is the aim of Luheng's talent development strategy

Introducing, training and respecting talents are the source of Greenhouse's entrepreneurship, development and competition.



Constructing the Talent Mechanism of "Introduction, Education, Utilization and Retention"

Introduction:Attracting Talents without Sticking to One Style

Lvheng Science and Technology has established a set of flexible talent attraction mechanism, such as long-term cooperation with the talent market, recruitment websites and headhunting companies, borrowing their talent resources advantages and introducing a large number of talents; participating in large-scale talent exchanges around the country, recruiting talents on the spot of Talent Gathering fairs; maintaining close contact with universities, carrying out campus recruitment twice a year, and introducing high-quality personnel in a planned way. Graduates should be trained as reserve cadres, and internal staff and self-recommendation should be encouraged.



Yucai chapter:Let Talents and Companies Grow Together

      Lvheng Science and Technology pays attention to the introduction of talents, at the same time, it also pays attention to the internal training and development of talents. Lvheng Technology always emphasizes that the company is in a period of rapid development. In order to let people grow together with the company, a complete set of training and education development system has been established. In this system, training, education and development are combined, rich in content and diverse in form.


      ——Constructing learning-oriented enterprises, advocating all-staff learning and lifelong learning, and regarding learning as an important way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and the value of employees themselves。   

      ——Implementing 35.5+2 training, that is, encouraging employees to take out 2 hours a week for autonomous learning。        



Use only talent:To make the best use of one's talents

       In line with the purpose of "respecting labor, knowledge, talent and creativity", Lvheng Technology has created a good working atmosphere in which people can make the best use of their talents, stimulate people to make progress and be lively. The first is to employ talents, that is to say, the right person to the right position to give full play to the potential of talents; the second is to employ the value of talents, that is, according to market rules, according to the value of intellectual capital of talents to implement incentive mechanism, improve the performance appraisal as the core of the multi-distribution system. "People make the best use of their talents and talents" is also reflected in the employment system. Lvheng Science and Technology has established "incentive mechanism, horse racing mechanism, elimination mechanism" to encourage "Amiba-style management" as the core, let every employee become the protagonist, create a passionate collective, rely on all wisdom and efforts to achieve business objectives. Lvheng Science and Technology provides young college students and professional managers with a broad space for development and career platforms to display their talents. As long as it is a talented person, as long as it is willing to do things, able to do things, and in Green Heng, it will be able to find its own growth opportunities and achieve the cause of the platform, and become the backbone of the enterprise.



Leaving alone:Retaining Talents by "Career, Treatment and Culture"

       While attracting and using talents well, Lvheng Science and Technology also retains talents through its unique way.。         

      一It is to create a good platform and development space for talents - to retain talents by undertaking. In Lvheng, some talented people enter important management positions in a short time. Such examples are found everywhere in Lvheng.。         

      The second is to implement the distribution policy of all kinds of special zones within the scope of enterprises - to retain people with treatment. In Luheng, we adhere to the principle of "first-class talent, first-class contribution and first-class distribution". Therefore, the talents who have contributed to the development of Luheng will receive their due remuneration and treatment.        

      Third, create a good cultural atmosphere, and constantly strengthen the affinity and cohesion within the enterprise - to retain people with culture. At the same time, after years of accumulation and precipitation, Lvheng Technology has formed a good corporate culture, and has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, such as the concept of Lvheng's development - committed to the sustained growth of business, to provide high-quality feedback for employees, customers and society; Lvheng Technology's business philosophy: communication for success, dedication to work for truth, innovation for novelty, implementation for accuracy. It is under the influence of this corporate culture that Green Heng people come together for a common goal.


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