Purify a waters, beautify a life, weave a dream

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Purify a waters, beautify a life, weave a dream
In the golden October, the autumn wind is exciting and the autumn is pleasant. On this golden day, the staff of Lvheng Science and Technology Department carried out a practical team building activity.

In the practical team building activities, the colleagues of the technical department are looking forward to it, but they are also a little nervous. Most of the time, the design and the site are combined little. Will the left-right thinking and meticulous design in the design meet the actual needs of the site in the implementation of the project? How much does the owner approve of us? Are there any new requirements? With so many problems, the team was led by Zhai Yang, the company's technical director, and Peng Fei, the manager of the technical department, to Tangshan site.

Employees of the Ministry of Technology visited Ligezhuang Sewage Treatment Station and Longwangmiao Sewage Treatment Station successively, listened to the briefing of the on-site operation and maintenance supervisor, exchanged with each other on the problems needing attention and improvement in the construction process and operation of the project, and made a detailed analysis and optimization discussion on the differences between the project implementation process and the design content, especially on the convenience of equipment operation and the setting of ladder platform. Field analysis is given in terms of specifications, safety protection in place, concise laying of intermediate pipelines and cable bridges, beauty and safety, which provides a reference for further design work in the future. At the same time, Zhai Yang, the company's technical director, and Peng Fei, the manager of the technical department, have conducted field training on these two projects. With the combination of project implementation and technology, people have expressed their fruitful results.

Even during lunch, the details of the project site were discussed by using the gap. Zhai Yang, technical director of the company, expressed his approval for the work of technicians, and proposed that the design of the project should be combined with the actual situation and professional technology. I hope you can design a more rational scheme.

In the afternoon, we came to the site and interviewed the fishermen who were fishing here. He gave us a thumbs-up on the work we were engaged in and said, "The environment here is better because of your further management...".

On the way, we are in a complex mood. On the one hand, we are immersed in the joy of "purifying a piece of water and beautifying a kind of life". At the same time, we deeply feel the great responsibility on our shoulders, "Let the green future come earlier", which is the slogan of Greenhouse Technology, and also the hope of everyone.

Water quality before treatment

Water quality treatment

After the visit, Zhai Yang, the company's technical director, organized a summary. Each visitor said that the activity benefited a lot. He should form his own experience and put it into practice in his work for the green world. The community contributes its share.

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